Part 2: Geolocating Growth of Suspect “Boarding” Facilities in Xinjiang China

In partnership with RAND

Last updated: 111 Days Ago

RAND has identified 55 facilities suspected of housing young children the construction of which coincided with a publicly stated policy to build “boarding schools” in Xinjiang. Western researchers and press allege that Xinjiang authorities are using repurposed and newly built schools to board Uyghur youth as part of a policy of intergenerational separation.

Geolocating Explosive Growth in Preschools in Western China due to ‘re-education’ Policies

In partnership with RAND

Last updated: 194 Days Ago

Twenty facilities that imagery analysis, press and professional journals suggest house Uyghur children have been identified in this first study of geolocating China's detention infrastructure targeting Uyghurs and other Muslim minority groups.