The Ice Curtain: Russia’s Military Moves Further North

Last updated: 65 Days Ago

Alexandra Land provides air-sea-land capabilities that reinforce Russia’s multi-layered maritime and air denial power; safeguard the Kola Peninsula which is home to Northern Fleet headquarters and Russia's control over the Northern Sea Route (NSR).

The Ice Curtain: Tiksi Airbase; Many Russian Announcements, Little Equipment

Last updated: 179 Days Ago

Current imagery does not show evidence of the Russian government's plans to expand Tiksi Airbase into a Northern Fleet air defense base, complete with 11 interconnected structures, and a regiment of S-400 surface-to-air missiles.

The Ice Curtain: Protecting the Arctic Motherland

Last updated: 227 Days Ago

A complex layered coastal defense arrangement on Kotelny Island allows Russia to better defend and to deny aerial, maritime, or land access to NATO or U.S. forces.

The Ice Curtain: Why is there a new Russian military facility 300 miles from Alaska?

Last updated: 296 Days Ago

In 2007 Russia re-prioritized the Arctic in keeping with Vladimir Putin's vision of restoring Russia's status as a great power. Now more than a decade later, Russia's military returns to the Arctic with strategic implications for the United States.