The Ice Curtain: Kola Peninsula Part 2: Expanded Maritime Facilities

Last updated: 30 Days Ago

GEOINT analysis confirms Russian public declarations to expand the storage facilities at Okolnaya submarine support base and Gadzhiyevo submarine base.

The Ice Curtain: Kola Peninsula Part 1: Slow Modernization of Severomorsk-1 Air Base

Last updated: 30 Days Ago

Upgrades at Severomorsk-1 Air base increases Russia's operational readiness, presence, and capabilities in the northwest Arctic region, improving domain awareness and operational capacity around the Kola Peninsula. Further upgrades would expand operational capacity towards the GIUK-N Gap. However, GEOINT analysis shows slow construction progress.

The Ice Curtain: Enhanced Defense of Russia’s Western Arctic

Last updated: 111 Days Ago

Russia's military posture and the deployment of S-400s in its Western Arctic reflects the Soviet legacy of bastion defense comprised of "concentric circles" designed to protect strategic territory.

The Ice Curtain: Russia’s Military Moves Further North

Last updated: 191 Days Ago

Alexandra Land provides air-sea-land capabilities that reinforce Russia’s multi-layered maritime and air denial power; safeguard the Kola Peninsula which is home to Northern Fleet headquarters and Russia's control over the Northern Sea Route (NSR).

The Ice Curtain: Tiksi Airbase; Many Russian Announcements, Little Equipment

Last updated: 304 Days Ago

Current imagery does not show evidence of the Russian government's plans to expand Tiksi Airbase into a Northern Fleet air defense base, complete with 11 interconnected structures, and a regiment of S-400 surface-to-air missiles.

The Ice Curtain: Protecting the Arctic Motherland

Last updated: 352 Days Ago

A complex layered coastal defense arrangement on Kotelny Island allows Russia to better defend and to deny aerial, maritime, or land access to NATO or U.S. forces.

The Ice Curtain: Why is there a new Russian military facility 300 miles from Alaska?

Last updated: 421 Days Ago

In 2007 Russia re-prioritized the Arctic in keeping with Vladimir Putin's vision of restoring Russia's status as a great power. Now more than a decade later, Russia's military returns to the Arctic with strategic implications for the United States.