Mining North Korea: Magnesite Production at Ryongyang Mine

Last updated: 18 Days Ago
Ryongyang Mine is the largest magnesite mine in North Korea and one of the largest in the world. However, satellite and ground imagery show the infrastructure and technology in use at the mines is dated and obsolete when compared to world standards.

North Korea’s Hydroelectric Power – Part I

Last updated: 47 Days Ago
North Korea has faced persistent challenges in generating sufficient electricity to meet its industrial and civil needs. While coal is a primary source of energy consumption, hydroelectric power is the predominant method of electricity production.

The Ice Curtain: Tiksi Airbase; Many Russian Announcements, Little Equipment

Last updated: 71 Days Ago
Current imagery does not show evidence of the Russian government's plans to expand Tiksi Airbase into a Northern Fleet air defense base, complete with 11 interconnected structures, and a regiment of S-400 surface-to-air missiles.

China’s BRI in Nigeria: Impact of Lagos-Ibadan Railway on Port Congestion – Part 2

Last updated: 99 Days Ago
A new rail extension to Apapa port aims to connect Nigeria’s hinterland to global markets to diversify its economy. However, the rail extension may fail to address severe congestion in Lagos’ port areas and high shipping costs will remain.

China’s BRI in Nigeria: Spillover Effects of Lagos-Ibadan Railway to the Regional Economy – Part 1

Last updated: 102 Days Ago
Despite anticipated positive impacts to the Nigerian economy, the Lagos-Ibadan railway has failed to generate positive economic spillover. Nigeria will need additional infrastructure investment to meet the promise of positive economic development.

The Ice Curtain: Protecting the Arctic Motherland

Last updated: 119 Days Ago
A complex layered coastal defense arrangement on Kotelny Island allows Russia to better defend and to deny aerial, maritime, or land access to NATO or U.S. forces.

A Snapshot of North Korea’s Supply Chain Coal Activity – Part II

Last updated: 140 Days Ago
Based on an initial look at North Korea's coal industry, the country's larger coal mines have remained active despite the increasing restrictions on the North's coal exports.

A Snapshot of North Korea’s Supply Chain Coal Activity

Last updated: 155 Days Ago
Despite increasing restrictions on the DPRK's coal exports, the country's larger coal mines have remained active from 2015 to 2019 and improvements have been made to its coal supply-chain infrastructure.

The Ice Curtain: Why is there a new Russian military facility 300 miles from Alaska?

Last updated: 188 Days Ago
In 2007 Russia re-prioritized the Arctic in keeping with Vladimir Putin's vision of restoring Russia's status as a great power. Now more than a decade later, Russia's military returns to the Arctic with strategic implications for the United States.

Making Solid Tracks: North Korea’s Railway Connections with China and Russia

Last updated: 225 Days Ago
North and South Korea are moving forward with inter-Korean railway cooperation as a key engine for advancing inter-Korean reconciliation and building the infrastructure for eventual unification. These projects will all be costly and time intensive.

Part 2: Ore Car Activity Up at Wonsan Railway Rolling Stock Complex

Last updated: 266 Days Ago
Update on North Korea's largest railroad rolling stock manufacturing and repair facility.

Modernization and Expansion Project at the Korean People’s Army Fishery Station No. 15

Last updated: 337 Days Ago
The fishing industry’s critical role in North Korea’s economy, particularly its foreign currency earning operations, led to a series of international sanctions on North Korean seafood.

Wonsan Railway Rolling Stock Complex

Last updated: 407 Days Ago
Activity around Wonsan is likely to be a leading indication of inter-Korean joint declaration progress given its role both in the eastern transportation corridor and the national economy.

Across the Tracks: North Korean Railcar Manufacturing and the 2018 Inter-Korean Agreement

Last updated: 432 Days Ago
Connection and modernization of railways in the Korean peninsula's eastern transportation corridor is a declared step within the historic April 27, 2018 joint declaration for peace, prosperity, and unification.

Developments in North Korea’s Sinuiju City under Kim Jong-un

Last updated: 482 Days Ago
In order to help establish his long-term legitimacy as leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has implemented numerous large-scale public works campaigns to raise living standards for targeted constituencies across the country.

Tutorial: How to Navigate Public Reports

Last updated: 489 Days Ago
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